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Next Generation of Skin Disinfection


A significant scientific advance in skincare disinfection treatments

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What is Clinisept Plus?

Clinisept Plus is a next generation skin disinfectant that has been developed specifically for the aesthetics sector.

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Clinisept Plus delivers extreme levels of disinfection and is bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal…in seconds

Clinisept Plus has a non-hazardous safely profile and because of its oxidising method of action, Clinisept Plus is not subject to antimicrobial resistance.

Clinisept Plus

the next generation of skin disinfection technology

  • Developed specifically for the aesthetics sector
  • Combines extreme levels of hygiene with a skin neutral PH
  • Bactericidal
  • Fungicidal
  • Virucidal
  • Sporicidal
  • Non Toxic
  • Non Irritant to Skin
  • Non Irritant to Eyes
  • Non Cytotoxic to Regrowing Skin

Proven Efficiency

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More effective than existing skin disinfection chemistries and because of its oxidising method of action,
Clinisept Plus is not subject to antimicrobial resistance.


Passes every EN standard test…in seconds

Effective against all bloodborne pathogens

Safe for skin contact, no hazard labelling, ready to use.

Clinisept Plus Benefits

Optimum Disinfection

Clinisept Plus is a broad spectrum oxidising agent that provides optimum skin disinfection and protection against infection.

Skin Neutral PH

Clinisept Plus has a skin neutral pH and has been proven non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritant to skin, non-irritant to eyes and non-cytotoxic to re-growing skin cells.

Aids Skin Recovery

Clinisept Plus kills the pathogens that inhibit skin healing, thereby providing the ideal conditions for natural and rapid skin recovery and regeneration.


Clinisept Plus technology is revolutionary: it contains no alcohol petroleum, lanolin, oils or parabans and is non-sensitising, even to sensitive skin.

There are two products in the Clinisept Plus range: Clinisept Plus Prep & Procedure and Clinisept Plus Aftercare.


Clinisept Plus Prep & Procedure is intended for use in-clinic before, during and after aesthetic procedures to disinfect the skin and provide the highest levels of protection against infection. It is sprayed directly onto the skin, or wiped on using a gauze or pad. It should be used during injectables and other aesthetic procedures to minimise bleeding and sooth the skin. It should be used immediately after all aesthetic procedures to disinfect and ensure protection against infection. Unlike many traditional skin disinfectants, it is non-sensitising to the respiratory system and doesn’t irritate the eyes. Also unlike traditional disinfectants, it kills all pathogens, not just bacteria.

Clinisept Plus Aftercare is a take home product for use by aesthetic patients following aesthetic procedure. It provides ongoing protection against infection and soothes and calms skin.


Clinisept Plus aftercare kills the pathogens that inhibit skin recovery, but without damaging re-growing cells – leaving the skin to regenerate at its own natural rate.

Register Your Interest

Clinisept Plus Prep & Procedure and Clinisept Plus Aftercare products are available within the UK via Aesthetic Source.

Contact via: or 01234 313130.