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Back in March, we had a very exciting time at the Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition. We were exceptionally proud to be the official Skin Prep Sponsor.

ACE is such a successful event year on year, bringing together the leading experts in the aesthetics industry. What made it even more exciting was the fact that it was the first in person awards ceremony since 2019, and we had our very own award. Our Clinisept+ Skin Independent Training Provider of the Year award was to be presented to those whose training program is considered to have advanced the education of medical aesthetic professionals most effectively during the past year. The award was, very well deservingly, presented to Acquisition Aesthetics – for the second year running!

Over the recent years, Acquisition Aesthetics has gained its own momentum and meaning. This tribe of women from across the country are united behind a shared passion for aesthetics and a common mission in training. Their training courses are praised amongst regulators for robust protocols and methodology in scientific education and our delegates applaud the expert level of teaching delivered through state-of-the-art means including a bespoke online learning platform.


We had the pleasure of catching up with them after the award ceremony.

1)    Congratulations on winning the aesthetics award for the second year running! What does winning this award mean to you?

We are delighted to be recognised as the UK’s best independent aesthetics training provider for a second consecutive year! The award is a real cornerstone in the history of Acquisition Aesthetics and something the entire faculty is immensely proud of. The team has enjoyed great satisfaction in the knowledge that our commitment to providing an unrivalled delegate experience, through the most extensive hands on training and unparalleled academic teaching, is considered something to celebrate. 

 2) What makes you a unique training provider?

Acquisition Aesthetics is built on the principles of robust academic training with a strong anatomical focus, immersion practical training with live models, the best trainer:delegate ratios in the country and a combined training faculty of unrivalled talent and expertise. Of course we are one of just a few providers of the esteemed Level 7 Diploma in aesthetic medicine and all training courses are bolstered with an online library of pre-course reading materials and instructional videos as well as access to expert mentors and exclusive online learning forums. 

 3) Protecting safety and standards of care is so essential in the aesthetics industry. How do you prioritise this in your training?

Our training courses are developed on the latest government backed guidance and legislation that governs the practice of aesthetic medicine in the UK. As such, our delegates are assured that they are acquiring principles of practice and techniques that are up to date, safe and in line with the latest governmental advice. Furthermore, our courses are uniquely enhanced with specific teaching on the management and avoidance of complications in aesthetic medicine, ensuring delegates come away with the knowledge and skills to protect the safety of their patients. Finally, we lead by example on our training courses, managing our model patients with the same thorough pre-treatment consultation including the use of medical history and consent forms that we advocate for use outside of a training environment.

 4) What are the key messages you ensure to pass onto trainees?

–       An extensive grounding in facial anatomy is fundamental to safe and effective practice in aesthetics.

–       A thorough pre-treatment consultation including a systematic facial assessment is crucial. This step allows clinicians to devise individualised treatment plans targeting the patient’s unique treatment needs and priorities. 

–       A commitment to lifelong learning in aesthetic medicine is key to maintaining excellence in practice and delivering the best results to your patients. This should include, where possible, the Level 7 Diploma as this is the current benchmark in training in the UK as defined by governmental standards. 

 5) Why do you choose to use Clinisept+ Skin?

Clinisept+ Skin provides a fresh and primed finish to the skin ahead of every non-surgical aesthetics procedure we perform. The solution applies evenly and smoothly and doesn’t cause irritation or redness, even in the most sensitive skin types. As a tried and tested product with evidence-based scientific backing, we feel confident that the decontamination process is through and effective using Clinisept+ Skin.

 6) Are there any treatments that you conduct which you feel are particularly suited to the use of Clinisept+ Skin as an aftercare?

Acquisition Aesthetics uses Clinisept+ Skin for all non-surgical aesthetics procedures. This includes aesthetics treatments in toxin and dermal filler as well as functional applications such as axillary hyperhidrosis and masseteric hypertrophy. The product is offered to all patients as an optional addition to skincare post-treatment to help ensure the skin remains clean and the products are able to integrate and take effect without risk of contamination from surface microbes.


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