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Clinisept+ and its international partner in Africa, 1st Man Global are pleased to announce the approval by NAFDAC the regulator for medical products in Nigeria of Clinisept+ Woundcare for skin cleansing and skin recovery procedures. 1st Man Global are the exclusive distributors of Clinisept+ for Nigeria.

Clinisept+ Woundcare delivers highly effective cleansing and antimicrobial hygiene without causing any irritation or sensitivity. Unlike almost all other professional skin cleansing chemistries, Clinisept+ advanced hypochlorous technology comes with no contraindications and is gentle enough for use on normal and sensitive skin. Intended for use before, during and after medical treatments to provide optimum levels of hygiene and to provide the ideal conditions for natural skin healing.

  • Effective protection against complications in all medical applications
  • Suitable for all skin types – including sensitive skin
  • Provides ideal conditions for rapid skin recovery.

Clinisept+ Woundcare has been trialled in Nigeria by leading doctors with specific reference to woundcare, treating ulcers, bedsores and wound recovery after medical procedures.

Feedback from one of the triallists was, 

‘Clinisept+ Woundcare is one of the best skin cleansing and skin recovery products I have ever used in my clinic. I have seen patients recovering in record times after the application of Clinisept+’ enabling me to treat more patients.’

Clinisept+ Woundcare has been brought to Nigeria by 1st Man Global working with Clinisept+.

1st Man Global Owner and Managing Director Prince Andrew Eweka said:

‘I am delighted to report that after nearly 12 months working with Clinisept+, the medical products regulator in Nigeria NAFDAC have approved the use of Clinisept+ Woundcare for the treatment of a range of medical conditions linked to skin preparation, cleansing and wound recovery’. 

Director of Clinisept+ – Ross Walker said:

‘We are delighted to be able to launch Clinisept+ Woundcare in Nigeria. We believe this product will improve the healthcare and recovery of millions of people in Nigeria’. Clinsept+ is now working in a number of locations outside of the UK and this is our first venture into Africa. Our partnership with 1st Man global has been critical in gaining regulatory approval and I am delighted that they will be our exclusive distribution partner in Nigeria’. 

Paul Burgess MBE – 1st Man Global – International Development Consultant said:

‘Clinisept+ is used extensively in the UK by doctors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare professionals for a range of skin care treatments. 1st Man Global approached Clinisept+ to consider entering the market in Africa and in particular Nigeria. We were delighted that Clinisept+ agreed to a partnership with 1st Man Global to take this project forward’.

For further information and business opportunities linked to Clinisept+ Woundcare please contact: 


1st Man Global

Prince Andrew Eweka

GMD 1st Man Global LTD

Prince Eweka


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