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Goodbye Chlorhexidine – By Ivan Bristow

Extract from The Podiatric Dermatology Blog

“Over twenty years ago, when I was working at the Dermatology Department in Oxford, through a colleague, I was introduced to Dr Joseph Selkon, a respected Consultant Microbiologist, who at that time was just about to retire but was researching a chemical so interesting that he didn’t want to. What was it? An antiseptic which was alleged to be potently antimicrobial but non-toxic to humans – the holy grail of antiseptics? Fast forward to 2019, and I have recently been re-introduced to the chemical, now as a marketed product resulting from Dr Selkon’s (and others) research. Having used this in practice, I can potentially see this as one of the rare products which could make a difference in daily podiatry practice…”

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