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Foot health in the UK has never been more important, with athlete’s foot present in 15% of the UK population, it is clear that podiatric conditions are increasingly common amongst the general public and require the right practices and hygiene protocols to help optimise foot health.

We were lucky enough to speak with clinic owner and Head Podiatrist of The Chelsea Clinic, Paola Ash to discuss the most common foot concerns they encounter at the clinic and how Clinisept+ Podiatry is used to provide exceptional levels of hygiene and antimicrobial protection to help optimise patient’s foot health.

“At the Chelsea clinic we could not run our clinic without having Clinisept+ on site as it is used for every single patient who presents with:

(1) An ingrown toenail

Here the side of the nail (the lateral nail fold) can become inflamed with hypergranulation tissue.  Using a sterile swab which we soak in Clinisept+ first and lay on the area it is a great way to reduce microbial activity in the area.

(2) bacterially infected wounds

With diabetes and chronic conditions on the rise we are seeing more bacterially infected wounds attend our clinic. We like to use sterile swabs pre-soaked in Clinisept+ and applied to the area prior to removing aberrant tissue from the area excellent to reduce microbial activity in the area.

(3) A fungal toenail

With our spray pump activated clinisept+ we use this generously especially whilst using drill sprays to keep our environment as clean as possible and we would not perform our treatments without Clinsept+ in these instances.

(4) Fungal skin infections

can be even more common than a fungal toenail – we recommend clients spray their feet post shower with Clinisept+ until they note an improvement in their skin appearance.

(5) Verrucae

Verrucae are human papilloma viruses; they are very virulent and contagious. As a result we will always clean the area with Clinisept+ first to ensure that verrucal cells are contained avoiding any risk of further spread.  We like to generously apply clinisept+ to the area of concern and then we commence debridement prior to whichever treatment that has been selected as most appropriate for the patient in question.

Due to the unique way Clinisept+ has been made, how well tolerated it is by our patients, its efficacy yet gentle on the vulnerable skin we could not be without this essential hypochlorous technology product.”

Enhance patient outcomes in Podiatry clinics

Clinisept+ Podiatry can be used before, during and after a podiatry procedure, or for the purpose of daily foot care by podiatry patients. Clinisept+’s advanced hypochlorous formula cools and calms the skin and reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation. It is suitable for use in all lower limb applications and for use by those who are prone to athlete’s foot.

Recommend Clinisept+ Podiatry 100ml to your patient’s following podiatric procedures and for everyday use to optimise foot health.

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