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Clinisept+ gently cleanses the skin to provide high levels of antimicrobial protection. Unlike most skin cleaners, however, Clinisept+ leaves no harsh chemicals on the skin, and therefore provides an ideal environment for rapid skin recovery.

Clinisept is suitable for use before during and after every podiatry procedure. Because of its gentle oxidising action, it can be applied without any concern of stinging or irritation.

  • Skin neutral pH
  • Non toxic, non irritant and non-cytotoxic
  • Reduces the appearance of swelling and provides optimum conditions for healthy skin to flourish.
  • Contains no chlorhexidine, alcohol, petroleum or oils
  • Dermatologically tested and proven no-irritant to sensitive skin.

Clinisept+ products conform to the requirements of the following EN standards:

  • EN1040:2005
  • EN1276:2019
  • EN13624:2013
  • EN13704:2002
  • EN13727:2012 +A2:2015
  • EN14476:2013 +A1:2015
  • EN1650:2019
Ivan Bristow

“We use Clinisept+ in our podiatry clinic and find it has significant advantages over traditional skin cleansing chemistries. It is a highly effective skin cleaner and provides excellent antimicrobial protection, but does so without causing irritation to the skin. It is also suitable for use by patients which enables them to maintain high levels of foot hygiene at home”.
Ivan Bristow
Leading UK podiatrist
New Forest

Ivan Bristow’s published article on the benefits of Clinisept+.


Clinisept+ provides several benefits over traditional skin cleansing chemistries in podiatry applications. As well as delivering highly effective cleansing due to its excellent antimicrobial efficacy, Clinisept+ is gentle on the skin and doesn’t sting or cause irritation. Because of it’s skin neutral pH it can also be used during a procedure to keep the area clean.

You may have been recommended to use Clinisept+ Aftercare by your podiatrist or chiropodist. If so, follow their recommendations on usage. You may also wish to use Clinisept+ as part of your daily foot hygiene regime. In this instance, we recommend it is applied after showering or bathing by spraying directly onto the toes and feet. Once applied, either allow to dry naturally or wait for a minute and then wipe any excess off with a clean tissue or paper towel.

Clinisept+ is available through the UK’s top podiatry distributors and though leading podiatry clinics. It is also available to purchase directly from Clinical Health Technologies Ltd by calling 0800 252172 and selecting option 1.

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