Clinisept+ Skin Protect


Clinisept+ Skin Protect

Proud to support public health

Clinisept+ Skin Protect is a highly effective cleanser with antimicrobial properties that cleans the skin without causing any irritation or sensitivity. No other product combines similar levels of cleansing efficacy with complete skin and tissue compatibility. Clinisept+ Skin Protect provides very high levels of skin hygiene but leaves no residue or chemical burden.

The hypochlorous has a unique oxidising method of action which cleanses and provides purifying antimicrobial protection, but is also gentle on the skin: it doesn’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer.

Clinisept+ has a skin neutral pH, is non-toxic, contains no alcohol and is non-cytotoxic to re-growing skin cells. It is clinically formulated and dermatologically tested to guarantee its safety on even the most sensitive skin.

To use, liberally sprits Clinisept+ Skin Protect directly onto the hands for powerful cleansing with antimicrobial protection. Re-apply as needed.

Water (Aqua), Sodium Hypochlorite, Phosphorus Acid.
Producing a high purity hypochlorous solution.

Clinisept is free from all toxins including alcohol, parabens, sulphates, preservatives, colourants and fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested.

In light of ongoing world events, Clinisept+ is temporarily being made available to consumers outside of professional applications. At this time, public health is of critical importance and the Clinisept+ team have developed a new product specifically to respond to current needs.