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  • "Clinisept is my cleanser of choice for preparing my patients skin in advance of their skin analysis, injectable and laser treatments."

    Miss Sherina Balaratnam
    Miss Sherina Balaratnam MBBS, MRCS, MSc (UCL) Medical Director, S-Thetics
  • “The application of Clinisept+ prior to any aesthetic treatment is key to enhancing patient safety. Clinisept+ marks a new era in skin preparation and is a vital link in the chain of best clinical practice.”

    Helena Collier
    Helena Collier BSc RGN DNC PGDp (Medical Aesthetics) Skintalks Clinic Director, Independent Prescriber and Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner
  • “Clinisept has been a great substitute for chlorhexidine for me in both my injectable and laser-based procedures. I have noticed reduced skin irritation and erythema with its use versus chlorhexidine both during and after treatments.”

    Dr Benji Dhillon
    Dr Benji Dhillon Aesthetic Surgeon, Define Clinic
  • “Effective skin cleansing is a fundamental and absolute necessity of any aesthetic procedure. Thanks to Clinisept’s unique new skin neutral pH formulation, I can consistently achieve this with a superior safety profile. I trust and use Clinisept+ in my practice and it delivers excellent results.”

    Mr Kambiz Golchin
    Mr Kambiz Golchin MMed Sci, FRCS(ORL-HNS) Consultant ENT& Facial Plastic Surgeon Beacon Face and Dermatology
  • “Clinisept+ cleanses the skin by oxidation rather than toxicity and is not subject to antimicrobial resistance. Because of its skin compatibility, it can be used over the whole body. It is also non-irritant to eyes and mucosa.”

    Dr Sandeep Cliff
    Dr Sandeep Cliff Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon, MB BS, BSc, FRCP
  • “We have been using Clinisept+ Prep & Procedure for a little while now and we find it extremely useful prior to Fractional Skin Resurfacing, Laser Hair Removal, and Laser Tattoo Removal. The other options on the market such as iodine or alcohol are not suitable for our treatments.”

    Jayne Horton
    Jayne Horton Senior Laser Practitioner, Skintelligence Clinic
  • “Not only does this product give us peace of mind that the customer is less likely to develop breakouts or skin infection, but it doesn’t take any extra time, and ensures that we are doing the very best to guarantee that we are carrying out our services with the highest levels of safety and precaution when it comes to pre and post-treatment hygiene.”

    Jayne Horton
    Jayne Horton Senior Laser Practitioner, Skintelligence Clinic
  • "For the first time in the modern history of skin disinfection, this is now changing. Following six years of research and development, a completely new approach to skin cleansing has recently been launched, which not only sees the first significant development in the field for some 30 years, but actually moves it light years ahead."

    Lorna Bowes
    Lorna Bowes CEO, Aesthetics Source, Ltd
  • "I only use Clinisept+ for all my procedures. It’s so much easier to use one product for both Toxin and Dermal Filler procedures. There is no redness for the patients and the smell is loved by all my patients. I also use it during my training and the delegates love the product too. I wouldn’t choose anything else."

    Dr. Harry Singh
    Dr. Harry Singh Founder and CEO - Botulinum Toxic Club (BTC)
  • "I have been using Clinisept+ for some time as skin preparation before injectable treatments in clinic and find it very good in this regard. I recently introduced Clinsept+ into my postoperative wound care regime for labiaplasty patients and have had very positive feedback. It is now routine for them to use it. This is an area that is difficult to apply dressings to and sensitive to astringent products. Clinisept+ allows my patients to maintain good wound hygiene with an easy-to-apply spray bottle available and does not cause them any wound irritation."

    Ms Nora Nugent FRCSI (Plast)
    Ms Nora Nugent FRCSI (Plast) Consultant Plastic Surgeon
  • “I use Clinisept+ in the pre-and post-operative care for labiaplasty surgery. The product is very well tolerated in such an intimate area. Patients also find it easy to use themselves and I would wholeheartedly recommend it."

    Dr Angelica Kavouni
    Dr Angelica Kavouni Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon, Ion Kavouni London

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  • “Clinisept+ Mouthwash has infinite benefits over chlorhexidine containing mouthwashes – both during dental treatment and as part of regular hygiene around teeth and implants. It is safer to use, it doesn’t stain teeth and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. I now cannot imagine practicing dentistry without it.”

    Dr Neil Millington
    Dr Neil Millington MSc BChD MGDS RCS (Eng) Specialist in Prosthodontics
  • “Clinisept+ Mouthwash is more comfortable for patients to use, doesn’t require rinsing for as long as chlorhexidine and the lack of staining is a real bonus.”

    Dr Andrew Scott
    Dr Andrew Scott BDS, BMSc
  • “I am very excited about the potential of Clinisept+ Mouthwash, which I expect to completely replace the use of Chlorhexidine containing mouthwashes in my practice.”

    Dr José Zurdo
    Dr José Zurdo LMS BMS MSc Cert.Perio (Gothenburg) Specialist in Periodontics
  • “I started using Clinisept+ last year. Clinisept+ is a must have and I would highly recommend this product."​

    Dr Zaki Kanaan
    Dr Zaki Kanaan Dental Surgeon, owner K2 Dental
  • “We use Clinisept+ routinely as a pre and post-treatment mouth rinse for every patient. Clinisept+ is a must have and I highly recommend this product.”

    Dr. Zaki Kanaan
    Dr. Zaki Kanaan Dental Surgeon, Owner K2 Dental
  • "I was after something that I could use that wouldn't stain teeth. Implant patients who have had veneers, you do not want them to experience staining. So I was after something that was effective, but which has no staining properties. Clinisept+ fit the bill."

    Nilesh Parmar

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  • “We use Clinisept+ in our podiatry clinic and find it has significant advantages over traditional skin cleansing chemistries. It is a highly effective skin cleaner and provides excellent antimicrobial protection, but does so without causing irritation to the skin. It is also suitable for use by patients which enables them to maintain high levels of foot hygiene at home.”

    Ivan Bristow
    Ivan Bristow PhD, MSc (Oxon) Podiatrist, New Forest
  • “I supply Clinisept+ Podiatry to my patients as part of my post operative dressing kit and it is reducing recovery time by at least a third."

    Dianne Ashcroft
    Dianne Ashcroft Potty Purple Pod, Warrington
  • "It seems to be helping my fungal nail patients a lot!!"

    Lucy Kelly
    Lucy Kelly Wombwell Foot Clinic
  • "I have been using Clinisept+ for a couple of years and I am delighted to have found it. Suitable for all patients, it is now the only product I will use in my podiatry clinic for pre and post-treatment skin cleansing. Quick and easy to use, it is a highly effective antimicrobial product. It is wonderful to be able to use such an effective product that doesn't irritate even the most sensitive feet! My patients can also use it at home between appointments to cleanse their feet as part of their daily foot hygiene routine. I have found this especially beneficial to those patients prone to frequent fungal foot infections."

    Michelle Reynolds BSc (Hons), PGCert, MSc, MRCPod
    Michelle Reynolds BSc (Hons), PGCert, MSc, MRCPod
  • "Clinisept + has been invaluable to my clinic and my patients. We have replaced all our pre and post-treatment skin hygiene products with Clinisept+ and it greatly assists patient recovery when used at home following nail procedures. We would not be without it."

    Paola Ash
    Paola Ash Osteopath and Podiatrist

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