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Returning to work following a global pandemic

Clinisept+ is a world class high purity hypochlorous product suitable for dealing with a worldwide issue.

In light of the government relaxing some of the lockdown rules and encouraging thousands of people across different sectors to return to work for the first time in weeks, you may be wondering what measures you can take to keep yourself safe when you return to work. 

In the coming weeks, employers will be asked to implement a series of measures to ensure that social distancing is maintained and to avoid the virus spreading in their workplaces. However, for professionals working in the health, cosmetic and beauty sector where social distancing is not possible, you might have concerns about how to keep yourself, your staff and your patients/clients safe in clinic and in the workplace. 

One of the key points laid out by the government regarding safe practices upon return to work includes ‘Developing cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures.’

Introducing The Clinisept+ Hand Hygiene Station

As a result of the ever-changing global situation concerning public health, there is a growing importance on hand hygiene within workplaces to keep you, your staff and your clients safe. Clinical Health Technologies has developed the Clinisept+ Hand Hygiene Station as a response to an increased demand for better hygiene standards in businesses and professional practices.

In addition to using Clinisept+ products for patients in clinic, implementing a Clinisept+ Hand Hygiene Station in any business setting makes hand hygiene accessible for all professional environments. With a non-touch system, the Clinisept+ Hand Hygiene Station is operated by a foot pump that distributes our Clinisept+ advanced hypochlorous technology directly onto the hands. As Clinisept+ is a ready aqueous solution, it can be applied without water. The Clinisept+ Hand Hygiene Station is free-standing and does not require an electric source or plumbing and eliminates the need for single-use bottles of antimicrobial solution. They are easy to access, simple to use and eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. 

Clinisept+ Hand Hygiene Station


Why should I use Clinisept+?

Clinisept+ has several in use benefits: In clinic, its primary purpose is to highly effective cleansing and provide antimicrobial protection, (both to patient and clinic staff). However, Clinisept+ is also highly effective in reducing the appearance of redness and swelling, and provides a cooling sensation to treated skin. When used following a procedure as an aftercare, Clinisept+ keeps treated areas clean and unencumbered from the contamination that inhibits skin health, resulting in high quality and rapid skin recovery.

Most cleansers intended for use on skin, are weak poisons. Whilst they can be effective at killing some pathogens, they also affect healthy skin cells and inhibit skin regeneration. Clinisept+ is different in that it uses an oxidising method of action which causes no harm to human skin, even to re-growing skin cells.

The JCCP recommends Clinisept+

A recent webinar took place in the UK regarding the likely re-opening of the UK aesthetics sector. The meeting was Chaired by Mr Adrian Richards, one of the UK’s top plastic surgeons, and Professor David Sines, the Chairman of the JCCP. The JCCP is the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners in the UK and it is this group that writes all the best practice and compliance requirements for the UK aesthetics industry. They were joined by Alison Telfer one of the UK’s top aesthetics practitioners.

 The purpose of the meeting was not only to discuss when the UK aesthetics sector would be able to return to work, but also to introduce the report produced by the JCCP which detailed the conditions that clinics would have to meet in order to be able to return to work.

Part of their discussion looked at Clinisept+ as a recommended product for skin preparation and cleansing in a clinical setting. Further to their webinar, the JCCP released a report on skin preparation that read:

No changes are required in the use of preparatory skin cleaning, assuming this is usually performed with solutions containing ethyl alcohol, or a hypochlorite solution such as Clinisept+®. There is evidence that clorhexidine is less effective in the removal of SARS-Cov-2.

Clinisept+ is the only product recommended and named in the report, and in the webinar, for use in skin preparation.

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