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Championing the power of skin safe Advanced Hypochlorous Technology

Clinisept+ is a multi-award winning chemistry that is used, recommended and endorsed by the leading industry bodies and practitioners in aesthetics, podiatry, dental and beauty sectors. It represents a quantum leap forward in how we clean and care for the skin.


Clinisept+ offers a completely new approach to skin cleansing that is rapidly being adopted by the world’s leading medical, aesthetic and dental professionals.


Previously, products that provided effective skin cleansing failed to be completely skin-compatible. By comparison Clinisept+ provides highly effective skin cleansing and is completely skin-compatible, even on sensitive skin.

Effective & Gentle

Clinisept+ rewrites the rule books. It is effective enough to clean and protect the skin whilst also being gentle enough not to cause redness, irritation or sensitivity.

What the professionals say

  • "Clinisept is my cleanser of choice for preparing my patients skin in advance of their skin analysis, injectable and laser treatments."

    Miss Sherina Balaratnam
    Miss Sherina Balaratnam MBBS, MRCS, MSc (UCL) Medical Director, S-Thetics
  • “Clinisept+ cleanses the skin by oxidation rather than toxicity and is not subject to antimicrobial resistance. Because of its skin compatibility, it can be used over the whole body. It is also non-irritant to eyes and mucosa.”

    Dr Sandeep Cliff
    Dr Sandeep Cliff Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatological Surgeon, MB BS, BSc, FRCP
  • "For the first time in the modern history of skin disinfection, this is now changing. Following six years of research and development, a completely new approach to skin cleansing has recently been launched, which not only sees the first significant development in the field for some 30 years, but actually moves it light years ahead."

    Lorna Bowes
    Lorna Bowes CEO, Aesthetics Source, Ltd

A game-changer in skin cleansing technology

Clinisept+ is a next-generation skin technology. It contains an advanced hypochlorous solution that provides highly effective cleansing and antimicrobial efficacy, but is also completely skin-compatible: it has a skin neutral pH, is non-irritant, non-sensitising, and non-cytotoxic – a combination of qualities that, until now, has not been possible to combine in one chemistry.

Clinisept+ is therefore revolutionising the way we clean and care for the skin. It is endorsed by leading practitioners in each of its fields of use and has won awards from the most respected industry bodies. Whether in professional medical, podiatry, dental, or cosmetic applications, or simply at home, Clinisept+ delivers better protection against complications and better user outcomes.

Clinisept+ is suitable for vegans and is manufactured in accordance with cruelty-free standards.


How does Clinisept+ achieve this?

Most cleansing chemistries rely on toxicity to kill germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, these chemistries are also toxic to the skin and cause a chemical burden that inhibits recovery.

In contrast, Clinisept+ employs an oxidising method of action which is not only more effective in removing microbial contamination, but is also far more gentle on the skin: in fact Clinisept+ is so gentle that it has a skin neutral pH, is non-toxic, non-irritant, contains no alcohol, no artificial fragrance and is even non-cytotoxic to re-growing skin cells.

The resulting ‘clean and pure’ environment produced by Clinisept+ forms the ideal conditions for rapid cell regeneration, and therefore natural skin healing.


How has this breakthrough been possible?

Although the antimicrobial and skin-safe qualities of hypochlorous have been extensively published for over 100 years, manufacturing high purity hypochlorous has remained a challenge. The predominant method of manufacturing has been that of electrolysis which has evolved little for a century and delivers only low purity solutions which compromise safety and efficacy.

Clinical Health technologies has developed a completely new method of manufacturing hypochlorous which produces a solution of far higher purity than has previously been possible – proven by independent molecular analysis. The result is a solution of far better safety, efficacy and stability which renders our chemistry fully viable in a wide range of medical, healthcare and skincare applications. Clinisept+ is that product.

Clinisept+ is manufactured under ISO 22716 (GMP) and ISO 13485 Medical Device accreditation.

Clinisept+ advanced hypochlorous products are available to Aesthetics, Dental and Podiatry sectors


Traditional skin cleansing chemistries rely on high concentrations to achieve effective microbial control. However because of their toxic nature these can often cause skin sensitisation and irritation. They are also subject to microbial resistance.

By comparison, Clinisept+ is so effective that it can be used in far lower concentrations to achieve superior cleansing and microbial control: it has a required contact time of only 15 seconds and, because of its oxidising method of action, it is not subject to antimicrobial resistance. However, unlike traditional chemistries, Clinisept+ is also completely skin compatible: it has a skin neutral pH, is non-irritant, non-sensitising and non-cytotoxic.

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