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Recent spectroscopy testing establishes Clinisept+ Podiatry as the superior hypochlorous solution

The Clinisept+ range of products contain a unique high purity hypochlorous solution. Hypochlorous is a tremendously beneficial chemistry due to it having the ability to kill pathogens whilst causing no harm to mammalian cells. It is the ideal chemistry for skin prep and aftercare applications – including in the podiatry environment.

Naturally occurring in the body, hypochlorous acid (HOCl) plays a crucial role in the immune system’s response to infection [1]. White blood cells, particularly neutrophils, produce hypochlorous acid as part of their defence mechanism against invading pathogens like bacteria and viruses [2].

Replicating hypochlorous commercially is not an easy process: in its natural form, hypochlorous has a very short shelf life: once manufactured it decays rapidly and loses much of its efficacy in a matter of days. Depending upon the method of manufacture, it is also difficult to produce a solution of only hypochlorous, therefore efficacy and skin safety suffer. Whilst many attempts have been made to overcome these challenges, very few have been successful, hence hypochlorous has been in relatively limited use, until the advent of Clinisept+.

Clinisept+ is very different from other hypochlorous chemistries available, which, although they claim the same characteristics as Clinisept+, actually contain far less hypochlorous, which makes them less efficacious, less skin compatible and less stable: the Clinisept+ chemistry delivers the highest levels of cleansing antimicrobial protection, complete skin compatibility and has a proven shelf life of over two years – twice that of competitors.

The Methods of Manufacturing Hypochlorous Acid

Advancements in technology have led to the development of innovative methods for manufacturing this powerful solution for various applications, but a significant shift in the market occurred when Clinisept+ hit the shelves. Our high purity and highly stable formula succeeded at putting hypochlorous firmly back in the limelight and has contributed to maximising protection and optimising patient care and safety. Clinisept+ completely changed the way we clean and care for the skin both before a treatment and after whilst it is recovering.

Prior to the development of Clinisept+, electrolysis has been, and still is, the most common method of manufacturing hypochlorous [3]. But this does not yield the best efficacy or safety. This method often produces high levels of sodium hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, as a by-product. Sodium hypochlorite is not skin compatible and lacks the antimicrobial efficacy of hypochlorous. It is corrosive and may irritate the skin or cause burning pain, inflammation, and blisters [4]. By comparison, hypochlorous acid is proven to be 80-100 times more effective than sodium hypochlorite and has been proven to be non-toxic – even at a cellular level – anti-inflammatory, and non-corrosive [3].

All of the Clinisept+ products, including Clinisept+ Podiatry, are manufactured via a unique proprietary chemical process which does not involve electrolysis. This process generates a hypochlorous solution of consistently high purity and stability, which contains only a fraction of the sodium hypochlorite by-product compared to its competitors. 

We consistently conduct independent testing of all our products and those of our competitors, prioritising the well-being of our patients, to ensure we remain at the forefront of providing top-quality hypochlorous solutions.

Spectroscopy Testing Highlights Purity Differences in Manufacturing

Some competitors have asserted that their products are free from hypochlorite, claiming to be ‘pure hypochlorous.’ To verify these assertions, we submitted a bottle of Clinisept+ and a new bottle from a competitor for independent analysis. In April 2024, we entrusted both samples to the reputable Oxford Materials Characterisation Service for thorough spectroscopy evaluation.

Spectroscopy analysis looks at the molecular content of a liquid to identify its constituent components. For the testing of hypochlorous products, they look for the hypochlorous molecule and the hypochlorite ion, which is produced as a by-product during the manufacture of hypochlorous. Here we should note, it is almost impossible to produce hypochlorous without the production of some hypochlorite.

These two independent spectroscopy tests, undertaken by the same scientist and in the same lab, showed the Clinisept+ bottle to contain 90% hypochlorous, whilst the competitor sample was found to contain only 37% hypochlorous.

Clinisept+ Spectroscopy Results

Find the April 2024 Clinisept+ spectroscopy results here.

Competitor Spectroscopy Results

Find the April 2024 Competitor spectroscopy results here.

Clinisept+ Podiatry’s proprietary manufacturing process guarantees superior purity, upholding a skin-safe pH for your patients, and demonstrating a proven two-year stable shelf life. 

Clinisept+ is manufactured in an ISO13485 Medical Device approved facility. All batches of our product are rigorously tested and meticulously monitored to ensure consistency and quality, providing you and your patients with the utmost confidence in every podiatric application.

Clinisept+ Podiatry, the hypochlorous to trust for your podiatry needs.


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Reviewed and endorsed by the UK’s leading podiatrists

  • “We use Clinisept+ in our podiatry clinic and find it has significant advantages over traditional skin cleansing chemistries. It is a highly effective skin cleaner and provides excellent antimicrobial protection, but does so without causing irritation to the skin. It is also suitable for use by patients which enables them to maintain high levels of foot hygiene at home.”

    Ivan Bristow
    Ivan Bristow PhD, MSc (Oxon) Podiatrist, New Forest
  • “I supply Clinisept+ Podiatry to my patients as part of my post operative dressing kit and it is reducing recovery time by at least a third."

    Dianne Ashcroft
    Dianne Ashcroft Potty Purple Pod, Warrington
  • "Clinisept + has been invaluable to my clinic and my patients. We have replaced all our pre and post-treatment skin hygiene products with Clinisept+ and it greatly assists patient recovery when used at home following nail procedures. We would not be without it."

    Paola Ash
    Paola Ash Osteopath and Podiatrist

Enhance your clinic with Clinisept+ Podiatry

Clinisept+ Podiatry products provide exceptional levels of skin hygiene.

It can be used before, during and after a podiatry procedure, or for the purpose of daily foot care by podiatry patients. Clinisept+ Podiatry’s advanced hypochlorous formula cools and calms the skin and reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation. It is suitable for use in all lower limb applications and for use by those who are prone to athlete’s foot.

Remain a step ahead of your competitors.

Retail Clinisept+ Podiatry 100ml after care to enhance post-procedure recovery results, optimise patient outcomes and build revenue from after care sales.

Clinisept+ Podiatry can be sold in clinic as the ideal product for retailing as aftercare.

Clinisept+ Podiatry is safe and easy to use at home and is the ideal aftercare product to retail to your patients: it enables them to maintain optimum levels of foot hygiene following a podiatry procedure to aid recovery or can be used as part of a daily foot health regime to keep feet in healthy condition. Suitable for use by those with athletes foot.

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